May 12, 2013. Heucherella Gold ZebraSometimes referred to as Foamy Bells; Heucherella are a genetic cross between Heuchera, Coral Bells, and Tiarella Foam Flower. They have the amazing foliage of Heuchera and the flower power of Tiarella. The most exciting aspect of Heucherellas is their fantastic foliage which is colorful, large, and often has deeply lobed leaves. These characteristics make this an excellent addition to brighten any shady spot in your garden. Pair it with ferns, hosta, and/or astilbe for an awesome display. Varieties such as ‘Sweet Tea’, ‘Gold Zebra’, and ‘Solar Eclipse’ are just a few that we have to offer.

Growing Strawberries

May 12, 2013. Growing StrawberriesWhat could be more satisfying than berries from your own backyard? Strawberry plants can be either June-bearing, which means they produce one large crop each season, usually in June, or ever-bearing which produce fruit all season long. June-bearing strawberries are the first fruit to ripen and are usually larger in size than ever-bearers. They are larger plants and are best suited for life in the ground. Ever-bearing strawberries, however, are generally smaller in size but flower and set fruit all growing season. Their smaller size makes them ideal for growing in containers and as specimen or border plants in your flower garden. We have an abundance of strawberry plants “ripe” for the picking, so stop in today!

Western PA Garden & Landscape Symposium

April 12, 2014. Linda (our Nursery & Landscape Manager) and Jesse, (our Landscape Designer), went on a field trip yesterday to the Western PA Garden and Landscape Symposium. Here they are posing with renowned plant breeder and author, Michael Dirr. Way to represent the home front, Linda and Jesse!

Linda and Jesse with Michael Dirr

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