Western PA Garden & Landscape Symposium

April 12, 2014. Linda (our Nursery & Landscape Manager) and Jesse, (our Landscape Designer), went on a field trip yesterday to the Western PA Garden and Landscape Symposium. Here they are posing with renowned plant breeder and author, Michael Dirr. Way to represent the home front, Linda and Jesse!

Linda and Jesse with Michael Dirr

Late Spring

April 11, 2014. Just reminding everyone that spring is kind of late coming this year. So be patient, especially with your evergreens that are showing winter burn. It may be 2-3 weeks before you see some new growth. Then you can do some shaping and pruning. In the meantime, give your plants a feeding with a slow release fertilizer like Hollytone, Treetone, or Plantone. If you’re still worried, bring in a piece of your plant or some pictures and we can help you. Remember, last year the temperatures were in the 80’s by now. So we are about 2 weeks behind, so hang in there.

Nursery and Landscape News

A note from Nursery and Landscape Manager, Linda Boswell

Nursery and Landscape

DID YOU KNOW that we can help you with:

Delivery of Plants, Soil, and Mulch

Landscape Design

Plant Installation

Also, we have added an additional 4,000 square feet of retail space in the tree and shrub area this year. We will have over 400 one and two-gallon Japanese maples and conifers for sale for those individuals who want to start small or who may want them for container planting. We will also have collections of conifers in 4″ pots that can be used for bonsai.

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