Can I return something I bought last week?

We understand that sometimes someone will over-buy or change their mind. All plant material and hard goods must be returned within 14 days from the purchase date. All returns must be accompanied by the receipt and in the original container or packaging.

Do you have a plant warranty?

Annuals, Perennials, Herbs, Vegetable Plants, Container Gardens and Hanging Basket are guaranteed for 14 days from the purchase date. Trees and Shrubs are guaranteed for one year from purchase date. All returns must be accompanied by the original receipt, dead plant and plant tag. If the plant is too large to return, photographs of the plant, area of concern and root zone (the part that is in the ground) will suffice. This is the only time photographs will be acceptable. Our warranty is good for a one-time store credit of 100% of the purchase price. Replacement plants are not guaranteed. There will be no cash refunds. Trees and shrubs covered by this warranty must be planted in the ground. Trees and shrubs planted in containers above ground are at the risk of the customer. Warranties are void on plants that have died due to lack of proper horticultural care (watering, fertilizing, etc.) or acts of God, frost, drought, animal browsing or extreme natural conditions as determined by our staff. We are always available to assist you with cultural information and suggest remedies for problems that may arise. Please call for assistance.

Is it safe to drive my new trees home in the back of my pick up truck?

Plants that ride home in the back of trucks need some protection. Please bring an old sheet(s) or burlap to protect your plant material from windburn, excessive heat and cold during transit. Plants that are damaged from improper care after purchase will not be replaced.

If I can’t make it out there in time, or if the items won’t fit in my car, will you hold them for me?

On occasion, customers cannot transport their plant material the day of purchase. All plants that have been paid for but not picked up seven (7) days after purchase will be subject to a $5 per day storage fee.

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