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landscape design

Landscape Design

Our Landscape Team uses a proven design process to ensure that our customers are left with exactly what they want. Through our five-step process, we work with you each step of the way to make your dream landscape a reality.

Plant Installation Pittsburgh

Plant Installation

Location is vital to the health and longevity of your make sure that the right plant is to be planted in the right location. Next, we dig the proper size planting hole, and backfill with a natural mycorrhizal fungi growth enhancer and rich compost/top soil mix. Slow release watering bags are available and perfect to guarantee the plants get the adequate amount of water for root establishment. Plants that we install are safely covered by a 2-year warranty.
landscape maintenance program

Maintenance Programs

Beautiful landscapes are always a work in progress. Let us help you keep your investment in the best of health and appearance with regular care.  Weekly, monthly, or  personalized schedule s are available  to accommodate what you are looking to achieve in your garden.  Maintenance tasks can include, but are not limited to: removing spent flowers from plants (deadheading), edging, weeding, leaf and debris removal, and pruning/shaping.  We  also offer  a seasonal annual flower  swap to keep you landscape and container gardens  looking fresh and colorful  with the seasons.
leaf cleanup

Weeding & Leaf Cleanup

All unsightly weeds will be pulled in your landscape beds.

Leaves and other debris that can lead to pest and disease problems are removed.

bulk materials

Bulk Materials & Delivery

We carry a variety of mulches, leaf compost, mushroom manure, river rock. Items can be picked up at pur store location, or we can deliver the bulk materials to your location. Contact us for questions or more information.

mulching pittsburgh


This service is dependent on the current beds in need. Beds will be assessed and determined there needs for optimal plant health and needs.  Normal procedure for new beds is a 2-3" layer of mulch throughout the bed and lighter towards the base of the plants. Freshening up existing beds procedure is a 1” layer to brighten the color and enhance the look of the bed.

landscape edging


Proper edging not only looks great but also helps to keep grass from growing into a landscape bed and the mulch from washing away.  We can accommodate any type of edge that can be desired, just specify if you would like a light edge or a deep edge that would hold the mulch in.


Pruning will be performed according to the season and the plant needs. Any dead, damaged or diseased brances on  perennials up to 20 foot tall trees  will be removed .  Proper pruning is also beneficial for allowing more air and sunlight to the plant, resulting in fewer disease problems. Two to three visits a year may be needed to accommodate the needs to your plants in your landscape.
landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

Our systems are built to last and to be trouble-free for YEARS. We install only brass or copper fixtures, which are superior for longevity in the harsh outdoor conditions, compared with cheaper fixtures that are painted aluminum. We use the highest quality warm-white LED lamps in our fixtures. Good landscape lighting is more than sticking a few spotlights in the ground. Our projects are carefully designed to make your home a nighttime portrait in light. We know light and we are blessed with a great eye for design.

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