Bedner's Produce: Fresh, Local, Delicious!

We proudly offer an array of farm-fresh and delicious vegetables. Our produce is available daily during the summer months at the garden center. Bushels can be ordered with at least 24 hours' notice so that we can pick it fresh for you.

Bedner's U-Pick: Take a hayride out to the farm fields and load your basket(s) up! We have made the difficult decision to cancel the u-pick veggies this summer as well as Fall Fest due to the uncertainty of COVID-19. 

You can also find us at the following farmer's markets in 2020:

Why buy local?

There are many benefits to purchasing produce from local sources. When you buy produce from a local grower, you are likely to discover that the produce has rich and complex flavors and textures not always found in non-local produce. Many non-local produce sources must freeze, store and/or ship these perishable items from distant locations at the inherent cost of flavor. Local produce also boasts increased nutritional value, as both flavor and vital nutrients can diminish over time. Bedner's produce is fresh, never frozen, and has usually been picked very recently from our fields before it makes its way to your table. Supporting local farmers strengthens communities and promotes environmentally responsible practices. Buy Fresh! Buy Local!

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